Caroline Vreeland Nude Selfie Leaked

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Big breasted model Caroline Vreeland has just had the nude photos leaked online.

This vapid alcoholic slut clearly has more boobs than brains, and desperately needs the strong hand to put her on a path to righteous fulfillment serving at his heel. That is why after viewing these naked pics I am prepared to offer Caroline Vreeland’s owner 2 bushels of figs, 1 slightly used camel hair blanket, and an old diabetic goat named Percy in exchange for her.

I have no doubt that Caroline Vreeland and her massive mammaries will thrive under my tutelage, for with patience, dedication, and the liberal use of a switch made from stiff Nile reeds I can rehabilitate nearly any woman. Yes in no time Caroline will learn to keep her mouth shut, and only open it when my mighty tunic snake is ready to deposit its man venom down her throat after vigorously slithering up and down her ample tit valley.

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