Dove Cameron Nude Snapchats’s Photo Leaked Goes Viral

Dove Cameron Nude Snapchats's Photo Leaked Goes Viral

Dove Cameron Nude Snapchats’s Photo Leaked Goes Viral

Today is Disney star Dove Cameron’s 19th birthday, and to celebrate it appears as though her nude Snapchat pictures have been leaked online.

It is unclear as to whether these Snapchat pics were meant for Dove Cameron’s boyfriend, or one of her middle aged Disney channel producers. However, what is clear is that apps like Snapchat and Kik are what all the hot young actresses like Dove are using to share their nude pics, and only grannys like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are still texting nudes using their cell phone’s gallery with iCloud backup.

Yes with these Dove Cameron nude snapchat pictures, we have seen the future of celebrity leaks. For as technology progresses celebrities will continue to utilize it as a means to prostitute their sinful naked flesh, because whoring for attention is in their DNA.

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