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Zoe Saldana Poses Completely Nude In A Photo Shoot

Zoe Saldana nude
Sci-Fi vixen Zoe Saldana poses for a completely nude photo shoot in the pictures.

Zoe Saldana Poses Completely Nude In A Photo Shoot.

Not only does Zoe Saldana star in the movie “Avatar” and in all of its upcoming sequels, but she also stars in the blockbuster hit “Guardians of the Galaxy” (the sequel to which is currently the #1 movie in the world).

Zoe Saldana nude
Of course in real life the true guardians of the galaxy are us righteous Muslim men, as we will use our scimitars to strike down any heathen alien that dares to show up on the earth’s doorstep for their very existence would be a blasphemy against the teachings of the holy Qur’an.

Zoe Saldana nude
Unfortunately for Zoe as earth’s chosen protectors us mujaheddin also guard humanity from the domestic threat of sinful female sluttery, and with these nude photos she has clearly shown herself to be an enemy of mankind.

Zoe Saldana nude
Yes it is our duty as the defenders of justice (under Sharia law) to punish Zoe Saldana for her brazen crimes against morality. May Allah guide our stones to Zoe’s skull, so that the people of earth may one day live free from the oppressive sight of female nudity that seeks to enslave them.

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